At the core of Walkity Talk, we believe in independence, self-reliance, and seeing perfection in imperfection. We pride ourselves in pushing boundaries that others are afraid to overcome. We create clothes, art, and media to elevate a culture celebrating freedom. We at Walkity Talk show that people have the freedom to become what they want. We firmly believe that hard work, self-discipline, and passion will allow great innovation, leading to new and better societal advancements.

Walkity Talk’s first step in its journey was developing our clothing brand. We first started in Kingston, Jamaica, to bring fashion to a particular place that deserved a clothing brand rooted in its distinctive culture. Jamaica, being the home of Reggae and Dancehall, is strikingly vivid. With this said, we focus on expanding on the unique style of Dancehall fashion - a distinctive mix of American and British rap music clothing styles. Walkity Talk is intent on developing clothes for this underdeveloped area of fashion.

Our second step on this journey is giving artists the springboard they need to develop their craft. We work with multiple visual, physical, and musical artists, giving each a platform to gain notoriety. Our resources allow artists to work with other artists from different mediums to build bodies of work that elevate them all. Such collaboration results in works with unique nuance and depth from artists who share common success goals and a desire to produce high-quality art.

Walkity Talk aims to build our online media presence to provide a centralized way to learn about great art created by exceptional Jamaican artists. Our website, YouTube channel, and Instagram account (@WalkityTalk) provide a place where all can connect with our collaborators.

In a unique twist, to inspire future generations, we pull back the curtain via vlogs and show the creative processes of various artists. Thus, we want to develop a never-ending cycle of creative innovation. We believe our futures will be elevated by those who take risks, not knowing what the next days hold but being compelled to make something to put out into the world.